Professional hypnotherapy training throughout the UK
London – 18 Nov 2017, Bristol – 30 Sept 2017, Birmingham – 7 Oct 2017
Leeds – 21 Oct 2017, Glasgow – 9 Sept 2017: Only £595…
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LCCH student experiencing hypnotherapy during training

Providing transformational hypnotherapy training throughout the UK and beyond

LCCH International provides intending practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as those with an interest in hypnosis / hypnotherapy, with the disciplines, skills and tuition necessary to practise hypnosis safely and ethically.

Taught by our highly experienced therapists and lecturers, our aim is to enable our students to deal safely, confidently and effectively with a very wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Practical skills training is an essential part of all LCCH International hypnotherapy training courses.

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Skill based training

Practical hypnotherapy skills training is an essential part of all LCCH hypnosis courses. The presentation of hypnotherapeutic techniques will be followed by a demonstration on a volunteer member of the class, and students will be required to practice each skill in small groups in order to gain experience of working with both receptive and resistant subjects. Practice sessions are always overseen by a senior lecturer and supervisor where appropriate.

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Our Courses

The LCCH has always maintained that Hypnotherapy is a unique, stand-alone professional discipline in its own right and our courses reflect this.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate, Practitioner Diploma, Advanced Practitioner Diploma and Medical Diploma training courses, and CPD Masterclasses are held throughout the United Kingdom at our six regional centres LondonBristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

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Course Dates

Next Certificate Courses:
London - 18 Nov 2017
Bristol - Pending
Birmingham - Pending
Leeds - Pending
Glasgow - Pending

Next Practitioner Courses:
London - 24 Mar 2018
Bristol - 28 Apr 2018
Birmingham - Pending
Leeds - 7 Oct 2017
Glasgow - Pending

Next Medical Diploma Course:
London - 14 Oct 17

LCCH Advanced Studies
EMDR & Ego State Therapy for therapists

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

For Non-hypnotherapy Professionals
Birthing Hypnosis
 London 13 Jan 2018
 London 10 Feb 2018

The use of Hypnosis in Pain Management

The use of Hypnosis for Coaches

CPD Workshops:
Treating Depression with Hypnotherapy
 Glasgow 3rd March 2018
 Birm 3rd February 2018

Transform your relationships
 Glasgow 20th January 2018

Access Courses:
Self-hypnosis and Goal Achievement

Self-hypnosis and Personal Development

NLP Self-development

Stress, food + Inflammation: PNI: View
PNI Overview: View

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