Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis / Stress Management course


Certificate level hypnosis and hypnotherapy trainingThe aim of this eight-day intensive course is to provide a sound introduction to hypnosis, enabling those attending to obtain a foundation of knowledge as an aid to the eventual practise of hypnotherapy. The course is part-time and will meet on four intermittent weekends. Required home study consists of reading recommended texts, personal reflection and independent study in preparation for the one-day examination based on the LCCH syllabus.

The course builds the essential skills needed to critically analyse and evaluate the theories and techniques in the application of clinical hypnosis. The application and development of self-help tools is an integral part of the learning process assisting you to address the ethical and safety issues surrounding trance work. On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis.

Whilst this course does not ask participants to delve too deeply into diagnostic routines, emphasis is given to recognition of conditions in which hypnosis may be contraindicated. However, students are expected to acquire skills which are directly relevant to improving the quality of life for those around them. As such, on successful completion of the course you will have the skills to work with the general public as a Relaxation and Stress Control Practitioner with the right to apply for professional indemnity insurance. You will be using hypnotic and non-hypnotic approaches to help people build resilience to stress by reducing the impact it has on their lives. In fact, a number of our students – now successful practitioners – have been able, partially or fully, to finance their studies through such activities.


As a practical programme, the Certificate Course will be especially useful for people engaged in the ‘caring professions’. Health-care professionals, teachers, counsellors, social workers and those in the communications industry can usefully explore applications of hypnosis within the spectrum of work they already do.

Although a life science or psychology qualification may appear to give an edge for this course, we feel that this area is only a small part of the learning curve for becoming competent in hypnotherapy. Therefore, the course is open to those with a genuine interest in the subject, even if they do not have any accredited prior learning (APL). However, so that suitability may be assessed, students will be required to attend an interview with a college officer before being accepted on any of our training programmes. This way we can offer equal opportunities to all prospective candidates, regardless of previous education, gender or disability. There is ample scope for everyone – and an increasing number of our students come to it from commerce, industry, even domestic life – to assess their own potential in a clinical setting.


On weekend one of the course, students will be given a list of tutors. The individual student will then be responsible for contacting his/her tutor – usually in their own area – and to meet for an hour’s tutorial at least once after each lecture weekend. At these sessions the tutor will check that the student fully understands the content of the previous weekend and provide a chance for practise of techniques learnt, as well as guidance for exam help. Because of its importance, the LCCH has arranged a nominal charge of £30 (UK pounds) per hour of tutorial, paid directly to your tutor. A minimum of three supervisory sessions are required as part of the course and exam structure.


The course proceeds by means of teaching weekends, tutorial sessions and independent guided study. You will be provided with weekend workbooks that deliver the core learning of the course, and contain learning material, references, appendices and ongoing checkpoint activities (designed for self assessment of progress). Students are expected to read course material in advance of attendance. In addition, students are also expected to carry out wider reading of relevant books and journal articles in order to broaden their knowledge beyond the course materials. Other materials include study guides, which provide information on assessments and indicate essential texts, journals, and website addresses.

Learning Skills and Memory Enhancement

In response to the perceived needs of students who have not recently undertaken academic study, the LCCH has developed a four-module course of memory enhancement that is part of the course. The ‘Learning Skills and Memory Enhancement’ programme is taught through posthypnotic suggestion and thereafter self-hypnosis, so results can be noticed immediately. These techniques aid memory retention and recall, and many have told us that they find it helpful not only for exam purposes but also in their every-day working and home life. The LCCH provides assistance with studying for individuals who have not previously been in higher education, or, for those returning to it after a prolonged break.


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