Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Courses

“I trained with the LCCH on all levels of training and I still believe they were the most enjoyable and effective training courses I have ever been on.”

Learning Materials

You will be provided with weekend workbooks that you are expected to read in advance of attendance. These deliver the core learning of each module, and contain learning material, references, appendices and ongoing checkpoint activities (designed for self-assessment of progress). In addition, you are expected to read extensively and carry out your own independent guided study. Further materials include module study guides, which will indicate information on assessments, essential texts, journals, and website addresses. (Does not apply to Masterclasses).

Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis / Stress Management

The aim of this eight-day intensive course is to provide a sound introduction to hypnosis, enabling attendees to obtain a foundation of knowledge as an aid to the practice of hypnotherapy. The course is part time and will meet on four intermittent weekends. The course culminates in a one-day exam followed by a reflective essay. Successful candidates will be awarded their Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis.

Whilst this course does not ask participants to delve too deeply into diagnostic routines, emphasis is given to recognition of conditions in which hypnosis may be contraindicated. However, students are expected to acquire skills which are directly relevant to improving the quality of life for those around them. As such, on successful completion of the course you will have the skills to work with the general public as a Relaxation and Stress Control Practitioner with the right to apply for professional indemnity insurance. You will be using hypnotic and non-hypnotic approaches to help people build resilience to stress by reducing the impact it has on their lives. In fact, a number of our students – now successful practitioners – have been able, partially or fully, to finance their studies through such activities.

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Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (PDCHyp)

Passing the Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis examination is the minimum requirement for a place on the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course.

The Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy requires students to attend on ten intermittent weekends, usually spread over a year. The lectures cover all the required modules of the LCCH syllabus and are practical and intensive. There is continuous assessment of each student’s progress and time is made available to discuss any problems that may have been encountered during the intervening weeks. Required home study consists of reading recommended text books and the submission of essays.

On successful completion of the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course the student will be competent to enter professional practice under clinical supervision and shall be accepted for Associate Membership of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis – BSCH(Assoc).

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Medical Hypnotherapy Diploma (MDCH)

As we learn more about the way in which certain conditions are acquired and perpetuated, the resolution of maladapted behaviour patterns by therapies including hypnosis is becoming more relevant. However, medical hypnotherapy is not just restricted to maladapted behaviour, it may be used with considerable benefit for many somatic and psychosomatic conditions.

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LCCH Advanced Studies for Practitioners

The Practitioner Diploma and the Medical Diploma can be followed by the selection of various modules, each of around three weekends of tuition in duration. The completion of four such modules combine to gain an ‘Advanced Practitioner Diploma’ qualification and full membership of the BSCH.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy CPD Masterclasses and Access Courses

The LCCH presents frequent CPD Masterclasses and discounted Access courses on topics of interest. They are all presented at several different LCCH locations and are open to all who wish to attend. Those who have trained with the LCCH are able to keep in touch at these meetings and can share new ideas and techniques with fellow professionals.

Venues and Dates

Our Clinical Hypnosis courses and Masterclasses in hypnosis and hypnotherapy are held throughout the United Kingdom and around the world. In the UK they are held at our eight regional centres:

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International Venues

LCCH courses are delivered internationally at our centres in Malaysia, Singapore and Portugal, where they are presented in English and in translated versions. Our centres are pioneers in their respective countries and ensure that the highest quality of training is made available to the increasingly global community of hypnotherapists. Our international centres are pivotal to our collaborations with a wide variety of global medical and non-medical organizations.

The LCCH acts as custodian for the Mahadevan Travelling Fellowship, established to facilitate the study of clinical hypnosis at one of the world’s premier medical schools and centre of excellence for hypnosis research at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University. The Fellowship was created specifically to recognize the work and commitment of Malaysia’s most renowned psychiatrist and clinical hypnotherapist, Tan Sri Dato Seri Azlanii Dr Mahadevan, former Government Chief Psychiatrist and founder of the Malaysian Psychiatric Association.

Candidates qualifying for the Fellowship are junior psychiatrists or equivalent healthcare professionals who have graduated from LCCH Malaysia, where Dr Mahadevan himself has studied. The aim of this Fellowship is to create doctors and other healthcare professionals who are widely sought after as lecturers and consultants in many countries, renowned as clinical scholars capable of creating astute management of clinical cases and as expert administrators who are capable of following in the time honoured footsteps of their founder.

Our international centres include: Malaysia / Singapore and Portugal.