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Boosting your Hypnotherapy Practice

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Lecturer: Sara Longmuir

How can you attract more clients? What's cheaper than advertising? Where can you meet your potential client base in a friendly, informal atmosphere? Answer: by giving talks about hypnotherapy. They can also be fun for you and your audience.

This Masterclass is for those who want to get comfortable with public speaking, and boost their practice by doing presentations.

All the techniques learnt in the class can also be applied to your own work with patients who present with public speaking issues: business talks, speeches at weddings, student presentations, etc.

In this Masterclass you will begin to create your own personal presentation. You'll be able to practise techniques and apply them to your presentation. Practising in this safe, supportive environment is a real confidence-booster. You'll enjoy dispelling any issues about speaking in front of an audience.

Prepare to enjoy the applause!


  • Gaining rapport with your audience
  • What to do with your hands - purposeful gestures and hand movements
  • Structuring your presentation for maximum effect
  • Whom to target
  • Inducing the emotional state you want in your audience
  • Techniques to prepare your voice to be strong and clear and confident
  • Getting your message across to every member of your audience
  • Using anecdotes, metaphors and stories to deliver your message
  • Getting your audience into the right frame of mind to be receptive to your message
  • Banish performance anxiety with techniques that are incompatible with nerves
  • Using adrenalin purposefully
  • Feeling confident in front of any audience
  • Feeling comfortable being you in front of an audience
  • Entertaining as well as informing
  • How to manage group hypnosis demonstrations