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Advanced Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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Lecturer: Avy Joseph

At the heart of emotional disturbance and self-defeating behaviours lie unhealthy and self-defeating beliefs. Cognitive and behavioural therapies give special consideration to restructuring a person's unhealthy beliefs. In recent years these therapies have been augmented with sensory imagery techniques, relaxation and hypnosis. This Masterclass has been specifically designed to integrate hypnotherapy, imagery and cognitive and behavioural therapies using the Rational Stage Directed Hypnotherapy (RSDH) process.

RSDH was developed by D. Tosi in 1974. It includes four main components:

  1. the hypnotic state;
  2. the identification, vivid imagining, and experiencing of both self-defeating and self enhancing thoughts, emotions, physiological responses, and behaviours;
  3. cognitive restructuring of unhealthy attitudes;
  4. the directing of these processes through development stages.
Hypnosis intensifies imagery and the rational restructuring process and facilitates a more immediate implementation and internalization of more self-enhancing thinking, feeling and responding. It is widely acknowledged that the overall emotional effect of real or imagined stimuli is qualitatively the same. Through hypnotic imagery the patient can learn to replace undesirable thoughts, feelings and behaviours for more desirable ones.

This Masterclass will give you an excellent framework for explaining psychological health to your patients. It also provides a specific and detailed protocol which you'll be able to use with your patients.

  • Cognitive model of emotional disturbance
  • ABCDE paradigm
  • Advanced Cognitive Hypnotherapy Process:
    • Awareness
    • Exploration
    • Commitment to constructive action
    • Implementation
    • Internalization
    • Redirection

London - 21 February 2004
Exeter - 20 March 2004
Manchester - 08 May 2004

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