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Healing the psychic

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Terri is a consultant Member and Examiner of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, due to which she regularly receives referrals of patients whose mind-sets have been negatively affected by their exposure to the 'psychic industry'.

Somewhere, sometime, you can expect to have a psychic in your consulting room. As a person you do not have to accept or buy into their belief system. However, as a therapist you need to have some idea of their beliefs and realities. Otherwise achieving rapport could be difficult if not impossible.

Pick up any women's magazine these days and you will find a psychic phone line of some description. The worried, concerned, distressed or just curious ring these lines for help, advice, direction or to get in touch with a loved one who has 'passed over'. What they get, apart from an expensive telephone or credit card bill, is someone who is told not to give any negative information. At first sight that might sound good. However, telling someone whose relationship has just ended that it is only a matter of time before their lover comes back is stagnating, rather than healing.

Then you have the psychics who tell clients that they are possessed, or are under psychic attack, which, as you can imagine only serves to perpetuate a negative mind set. The term psychic is often used as a blanket term and covers everything from the Spiritualist (I work for Spirit) to the 'Black Magician' (Do as thou wilt be the whole of the Law) - the enslaved to the enslavers.

The aim of this Masterclass is to give you some insight into the world and language of your psychic patient.

  • Types of psychic - Pigeonholes and belief sets
  • Psychology and the Psychic
  • Psychic Attack
  • Possession - The Fight Within
  • Regression
  • Blockages
  • Visions
  • Astral Travel
  • Healers - the 'unofficial hypnotists'
  • The Hypnotherapists' 'crystal ball'

Terri Andrews-Dunne, B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, DHyp, BSCH (Assoc), Fellow NATD, Cons.Mem. BAPS, Reiki Master, is a member of the LCCH head office team and has previously presented Masterclasses for LCCH. Terri has a great deal of experience in the world of psychics and psychic phenomena, in which genre she has appeared numerous times on TV. As an experienced clairvoyant and medium, Terri is appalled at the level of psychological damage she has found in this area. Currently Terri is preparing a course on Psychic Development using hypnosis.

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