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Insomnia and Hypnosis

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Lecturer: Michelle Hague

Whether you suffer from insomnia are thinking of becoming hypnotherapist or are simply interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, this course is designed to provide an exploration into the art of self-hypnosis as applied to Insomnia. Here you will learn how with regular practice of self-hypnosis you can easily, effect beneficial change.

This one day course has been devised as a foundation upon which you can build your own skills. Having mastered self-hypnosis, you can apply it to help:

  • Managing health issues
  • Improving sports performance
  • Goal setting
  • Improving confidence
  • Change

On the day you will learn:

  • Understanding how your mind works
  • The "power of the mind"
  • The naturally occurring states of hypnosis
  • Understanding your unique hypnotic experience
  • How suggestions work and how to give them to yourself
  • The importance of setting appropriate goals for sleep
  • Entering self-hypnosis prior to sleep

This is an experiential workshop where you can enjoy hypnosis as part of a safe group, before learning how to guide yourself safely and effectively to sleep.

Insomnia and Hypnosis 1 Day CPD Course

Taunton 22nd Feb 2014

About Michelle Hague

Michelle is an international lecturer with the LCCH, clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist working from busy clinics in South Devon. She studied for her first degree in education at Portsmouth University and then Psychology with the Open University, progressing on to study with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. She is also the regional coordinator for the South West region for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

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