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Hypnosis for Pain Control

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Lecturer: Peter Mabutt

Pain management using hypnosis has a long history. Supported by empirical research, there is currently a rapid resurgence of its use in medical practice worldwide as a result of the more holistic approach to patient care. This CPD event will provide an introductory hands-on approach demonstrating how pain management using hypnotherapy can be incorporated into existing conventional approaches to pain control. The workshop is experiential and delegates will both learn and experience basic hypnotic induction and deepening techniques along with the common hypnotherapeutic approaches to pain management.

Delegates will also discover that this viable alternative to pain control can help reduce the use of antinociceptive drugs, thus potentially reducing the risk of tolerance and dependence.

At the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • experience of trance and its application to pain management.
  • experience of producing analgesic phenomena using hypnosis.
  • experience of inducing trance in fellow delegates.
  • an understanding of how hypnosis can increase pain threshold by manipulating cognitive factors.
  • personal experience of hypnosis and the ability to return to the trance state using self-hypnosis.
  • a better understanding of the mechanisms of secondary gain and how this can prevent otherwise effective pain management.
  • discovered what to look for in a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner.

This introductory workshop is open to all healthcare professionals, therapists and professionals from other disciplines working in the field of pain management who wish to gain an understanding of how hypnotherapy can be used to effectively augment and enhance pain management.

This course represents 5.5 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Effective Pain Control Through Hypnotherapy: an Introduction 1 Day CPD Course (2222)

London Sat 1st March 2014

About Peter Mabutt: Peter originally trained in Psycho-pharmacology and spent over twenty years undertaking research in the fields of anxiety, tranquiliser dependence, learning and memory and phobias. As well as lecturing for the LCCH, he is the Clinical Hypnotherapist for Guy's Hospital, St. Thomas' Hospital and Southwark Council 'Health Education And Lifestyle Therapy for Hypertension' (HEALTH) initiative sponsored by Bayer Plc. He is also a member of the editorial team for the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. After gaining his Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and prior to joining the LCCH faculty he studied Solution Focused Therapy, a therapeutic intervention which he has successfully integrated into his private practice. Peter frequently gives talks on the therapeutic applications of Clinical Hypnosis to various rehabilitation groups throughout the London area. Peter is the Director of Studies at the LCCH.

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