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Using positive psychology in hypnotherapy and coaching

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Lecturer: Julia Lewis

Martin Seligman is credited as the founder of "Positive Psychology." In his 1998 inaugural speech, as president of the American Psychological Association (APA), he suggested that the world would benefit from developing a "science of human strengths" to counter-balance the previously negative focus of psychology on human shortcomings. Seligman moves beyond Freud's view that the outcome of therapy is for suffering to be reduced, suggesting that by focusing on human strengths we can actually flourish and gain increased levels of life satisfaction! This doesn't mean that positive psychology ignores presence of negative factors in life. In fact, often it is negative events and emotions that point individuals towards identifying the problems they wish to solve, which result in their entering a therapeutic or coaching relationship.

This CPD event is open to hypnotherapists who want to explore how positive psychology principles can be powerfully combined with therapeutic and coaching techniques. You will learn how to apply these principles not only to your patients / clients but to yourself, to enhance your personal and professional life.


This CPD event will incorporate:

  • An introduction to positive psychology principles including:
    • The elements of Well-Being Theory
    • The role and application of Broaden and Build Theory, the Laws of Hypnosis and the "upward spiral" of positive emotions in therapy and coaching
    • How positive emotions might be viewed as potential generators of change, rather than indicators that change has happened
    • The role of Hope Theory, perception and goal attainment in therapy and coaching
    • Positive prospection and the role of positive imagery inside and outside of hypnosis
  • Practical skills and tools that can be incorporated into hypnotherapy and coaching including:
    • Recognising and utilising signature strengths - including our own as therapists and coaches
    • How to collaborate with patients and clients to help them use their positive strengths and resources and support the development of solutions for a variety of presenting issues
    • Hypnotherapeutically adapted Positive Psychology Interventions
    • A variety of scripts built on positive psychology principles including: goal attainment and positive visualisation
    • Using self-hypnosis in support of savouring positive emotions and events and gratitude-focus (key concepts of positive psychology)
    • The therapeutic use of "positive empathy" as a tool to draw attention to positive emotions in therapy and coaching

This course represents 5.5 verifiable CPD hours


Positive Psychology (2448)

London Saturday 3 Dec 2016

Please note that payment on the day for this course may not be possible, please pay in advance to guarantee a place

Positive Psychology (2538)

Glasgow 18th February 2017

Please note that payment on the day for this course may not be possible, please pay in advance to guarantee a place

Positive Psychology (2539)

Leeds Saturday 1st April 2017

Please note that payment on the day for this course may not be possible, please pay in advance to guarantee a place

About Julia Lewis

Julia is a full time hypnotherapist and personal development coach working in Central London. Spending more than 25 years within a public sector organisation, Julia's MSc research and subsequent clinical focus has been towards dealing with all types of anxiety, particularly the increasingly prevalent issue of workplace anxiety. From a musical background, Julia also specialises in dealing with a comprehensive range of performance related issues, including: performance anxiety; procrastination and perfectionism; and performance enhancement. An advocate of positive psychology principles, believing that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", in addition to using hypnosis in a clinical setting, Julia incorporates this into her work as a personal development coach.

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