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Transform your relationships

Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

This workshop is open to hypnotherapists, therapists from any discipline, or those seeking to understand more about relationships.

In this workshop, we will look at how hypnosis can help to open the connection to your relationship with yourself and/or others. We will create a therapeutic dialogue that helps remove the blocks for you (or your clients), allowing a greater connection with self and others.

This workshop will include approaches to uncovering the clues that allow you or your client to enhance and repair relationships and to recognise the same relationship patterns that may be repeated over and over with different people.

The key areas we will discuss include:

  • Understanding yourself
  • Understanding your idea, unconscious partner image. ("The IMAGO" is a term coined by the author, Harville Hendrix, which describes the composite picture held in the unconscious of the people who influenced you most strongly at an early age. The IMAGO unconsciously influences who you are attracted to and your choice of partners)
  • Understanding realistic happiness
  • Healing past wounds
  • Finding a relationship
  • Dating and finding the love that you want
  • Feeling attractive
  • Managing deeper emotional intimacy
  • Reigniting relationships
  • Healing your relationships
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Breaking addiction to abusive relationships
  • Relationship endings

For therapists:

This workshop will give you greater self-awareness to form stronger therapeutic relationships as well as strategies for helping those presenting with relationship issues.

For therapists and non-therapists:

This workshop will to help you to shift yourself, so those around you will shift to create more harmonious love, friend and family relationships.

The workshop will also support you with the tools to bridge a stronger sense of your own patterns all the while building self-love while understanding yourself more

All relationship and love issues welcome.

Transform your relationships (2584)

Glasgow 20 Jan

Please note that payment on the day for this course may not be possible, please pay in advance to guarantee a place

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International: +44 20 3603 8535
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