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Self-hypnosis and Goal Achievement One Day Access Course

Lecturer: Charles Caruana

Whether you are thinking of becoming hypnotherapist or are simply interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, this course is designed to provide an exploration into the art of self-hypnosis. Here you will learn how regular practice of self-hypnosis can be easy, simple to master and fun, whilst at the same time being very beneficial to you.

This one day course has been devised as a strong foundation upon which you can build your own self-hypnotic skills. The value of having guidance from a qualified teacher such as Charles is that he will be able to help you recognise the hypnotic state, and to teach you how to make full use of it.

Having mastered self-hypnosis, you can apply it to help:

  • Managing health issues
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Improving sports performance
  • Goal achievements
  • Changing negative beliefs to positive ones

On the day you will learn:

  • Understanding how your mind works
  • Understanding the “power of the mind”
  • The naturally occurring states of hypnosis we all experience
  • What formal hypnotic trance is
  • Modalities and sub-modalities:
    • how our mind represents the world around us
  • Understanding your unique hypnotic experience
  • How suggestions work and how to give them to yourself
  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Entering self-hypnosis

This is an experiential workshop where you can enjoy hypnosis as a group before learning how to guide yourself safely and effectively into this rewarding and relaxing experience.

This course represents 5.5 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development).


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