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Working with the Inner Child

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Lecturer: Peter Mabbutt

The 'inner child' is a concept found within many therapeutic traditions, and is one that helps explain the development of personality over time. In a healthy functioning individual, the 'inner child' is functionally integrated into the personality. However, when maladaptive and dysfunctional integration occurs, or where the 'inner child' is damaged during or after creation, then a variety of dissociative, behavioural and cognitive issues occur. Traditionally associated with the resolution of sexual abuse, the 'inner child' idea has evolved to encompass many non-trauma related issues and can now be applied, for example, to performance enhancement approaches.

This CPD event will explore ways of effectively working with your own and your patient's 'inner child'. It will also look at the 'inner child' in relation to the psychopathology of a variety of presenting symptoms to encourage an opening up of perspectives for treatment.

This CPD event is open to all hypnotherapists who want to gain an in-depth understanding of this powerful hypnotherapeutic approach.

Concept of the 'inner child'

  • 'Inner child' or 'inner children'?
  • The 'inner child' beyond trauma
  • Emotional aspects of the 'inner child'
  • Behavioural aspects of the 'inner child'
  • Cognitive aspects of the 'inner child'
  • The 'inner child' and beliefs
  • Trauma in relation to the 'inner child'
  • The playful and creative 'inner child'
  • The time-frozen 'inner child'

Inner child interventions

  • Integrating the 'inner child' process into therapy
  • 'Inner child' worksheets
  • To hypnotise or not to hypnotise: that is the question
  • Working with parent, adult and child ego states
  • Dissociative approaches
  • The 'inner child' as a bridge to regression
  • The 'inner child' and wellbeing
  • 'Inner child' for performance enhancement
  • 'Inner child' and third-wave therapies

This course represents 5.5 hours verifiable CPD (Continuing Professional Development).


Working with the Inner Child (2565)

Saturday 29 Apr 2017

Please note that payment on the day for this course may not be possible, please pay in advance to guarantee a place

About Peter Mabbutt

Peter originally trained in Psychopharmacology and spent many years undertaking research in the fields of anxiety, tranquiliser dependence, learning and memory, and phobias before training with the LCCH in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He now has extensive experience in hypnotherapy and lectures internationally on the subject. Peter is the Programme Leader for the MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy heading the team that updates the course in line with new developments in the field. He has been instrumental in setting up the Hypnotherapy Pain Management Clinic and research programme at University of Malaya Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Peter is also a consultant for the Hypnotherapy Unit at the Pantai Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. He regularly lectures to the international medical community on the use of hypnosis. Peter is Vice President of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and is co-author of the popular Hypnotherapy for Dummies, and Self-Hypnosis for Dummies. Peter is a regular guest on radio shows in the UK and Southeast Asia where he discusses hypnotherapy and related subjects.

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