Sjanie Hugo
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a cluster of symptoms,
This Masterclass will teach you a step by step process for
comprising of physical and emotional changes that are
helping patients to understand the underlying cause, find
associated with the second part of the menstrual cycle.
resolution and implement the necessary change.
According to some reports, 70 to 90% of women have
recurrent menstrual problems. Many experience irregular
periods and/or severely aggravated premenstrual symptoms.
For some this can be so severe that it drastically affects their
What is the menstrual cycle?
The physiological and emotional changes that
In order to fully understand these symptoms one needs to
occur during the menstrual cycle
become aware of the physiological and emotional changes
that occur during the cycle. Patients presenting with PMS
Problems associated with the menstrual cycle
require holistic treatment, which includes working with
unresolved emotional issues since these are known to
What is PMS?
disrupt menstrual rhythm and normal hormonal balance.
What are the causes of PMS?
It is also known that the process of resolving emotional and
psychological stress results in biochemical changes in the
How to utilise the cycle powerfully and benefit from
body. Hypnotherapy can be effectively used to ascertain the
these monthly rhythms
underlying causes as well as to relieve stress and other
emotional disturbances. Many women also need to begin to
How to relieve PMS using hypnosis
understand the benefits of menstruation and the invaluable
resources that it offers.
Treatment protocol including specialised scripts
and techniques
This Masterclass will help you to become familiar with the
messages the body is giving through menstrual symptoms
Application of learning using a case example
and related illnesses. It will also provide you with a treatment
protocol and detailed information as to why and how these
interventions work.
Lorraine Flaherty
This Masterclass is to be experiential and will allow
therapists to develop their own sense of empowerment as
Meetings with the Goddess/Hero (Who are you now?)
well as providing techniques for the empowerment of their
The road of trials (Where are you going?)
We may think that there are no dragons left to fight, no
brave heroes, not a single goddess left.
Vision Quest (Why are you here?)
Magic flight (What do you want?)
But we may be wrong!
Mastery of thre future (How will you know when you
Perhaps in this century they have just changed their clothes
and are hidden from each other - hidden perhaps from our
have it?)
very selves. We can meet these parts of ourselves in
dreams and in our unconscious and these parts can help us
Call to adventure (When does it begin?)
to change the world to be as we wish it to be!
The dream (Who do you want to become?)
Our intuition is whispering "we're not dust, we're magic!"
Jung described the archetype as an energy template, a form
into which the forces of the universe naturally flow. As part of
this universe we are hard wired to recognise these templates
and we can move ourselves by way of a process of
Individuation, to a psychological quest for wholeness.
It is within the human potential to be all that we can be and
more. Connecting to the Goddess/Hero energy enables us
to create new thought processes and expand our once
limited beliefs. It enables us to go to a place in our minds
where anything is possible and dreams really do come true!
London College of Clinical Hypnosis
Summer 2005