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17 Aug 2010 A post-graduate qualification in clinical hypnotherapy that the public can trust (PDF)

The first graduates of the Post-graduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy pave the way for quality assurance for hypnotherapy patients. The general public has been justifiably concerned for many years as to what constitutes a valid qualification in hypnotherapy. In the absence of statutory regulation many courses that range from a single day to a couple of years have been giving qualifications that purportedly allow a person to practice hypnotherapy. The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) is in a collaborative partnership with University of West London (UWL) offering a recognised post-graduate programme in Clinical Hypnotherapy, which can lead to a full Master’s degree....

1 Sept 2010 Hypnotherapists help improve patients hospital stay (PDF)

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) volunteer scheme is providing a hypnotherapy service to hospitals that is spreading throughout the UK. Thomas van Berckel who develops and runs the program says “the scheme has a two-fold purpose: to bring clinical Hypnosis into the primary health care arena and to create effective research looking at the efficacy of clinical hypnosis.” Thomas adds that, “we are involved in the promotion of hypnotherapy and ultimately it’s integration within hospitals throughout the UK.”....

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