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Psychoneuroimmunology: A Contemporary Overview

Presenter: Peter Mabbutt

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of how states of mind can affect immune system responses. The link demonstrating negative and positive mind-sets, such as stress and depression, on the development progression of disease states has been widely explored.

This Webinar is designed to appeal to anyone who has an interest in the mind-body connection. It will give an overview of the relationship between psychological and physical states, with an emphasis on the role that inflamation has to play in the production of negative emotions and ill health. It will also explore the growing role epigenetics appears to have within PNI.


A Contemporary Overview

  • 25.00
  • Approx RM137 / 52 SGD / €35
  • Held Thurs 12 Mar 2015

Pay to access the webinar that was held on 12th March 2015


Peter Mabbutt, FBSCH, FBAMH originally trained in Psychopharmacology, and has spent over 20 years undertaking research in the field of anxiety-based conditions and their treatment. As well as heading the team responsible for updating the LCCH courses to incorporate new techniques and research, Peter lectures on the therapeutic applications of Clinical Hypnosis to the medical profession both nationally and internationally. He is Clinical Hypnotherapist for the hospital based Health Education and Lifestyle Therapy for Hypertension (HEALTH) initiative, and is the Literary Editor of the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. Peter holds a particular interest in the use of Psychoneuroimmunological techniques within hypnosis, and is a founder Fellow of the British Association of Medical Hypnosis.

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