Testimonials from LCCH Students

“I have very fond memories of my experiences with the LCCH and with the Harvest Clinic. Working in the Oil & Gas industry, I had known for many years that I wanted to change direction. Following my own experience with a hypnotherapist, I realised that I too wanted to stand beside someone as they found their feet in life, just as my therapist had for me. I had considered counselling courses, psychology degrees and even ministry in the past but none of them had ever quite hit the mark. Through a serendipitous experience I came across the LCCH and finally found the training, and the teaching, I had been looking for. I now run my own private practise in Aberdeenshire, working privately with clients and running personal development workshops. It is challenging, exciting and rewarding and now I am able to say that, at last, I am doing the job I feel I was meant to do.”

Nicky Spencer, Scotland

“Excellent, well run course – first class support from all the lecturers – in a caring, supportive environment. I feel very privileged to have had such excellent tutoring/assistance.”

Vivian Beanland

”I opted to train in clinical hypnotherapy with LCCH after hearing positive reviews from several medics, and was immediately impressed and reassured by the enthusiastic ways in which the LCCH team pursue and convey the ideal of evidence-based, clinically safe care for dimensions of self which can so dramatically enhance life experience in very practical and pragmatic ways. As people do so much unconsciously and automatically, interacting dynamically with the unconscious is part of every therapist and carer’s role,whether they realize it or not. LCCH offer down to earth and inspiring courses to develop these skills,enhanced by practical experience during classes and thorough individual tutorials afterwards. Best of all they are free from time-wasting entertainment myths and hype. LCCH training is one of the best journeys I have ever undertaken. I recommend them highly”.

Cary Charles, Exeter

“It opened my eyes to how counselling should be done, and how effective it is when strengthened with hypnotherapy. Very different to the form of counselling used in the NHS.”

Darush Attar-Zadeh

“I found my way onto the LCCH Certificate Course in 2001. With a degree in Physiology and Biochemistry, I thoroughly enjoyed the new challenges, learning and skills I rapidly developed. Fascinated by the subject and inspired by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the staff, I was hooked. I went on to complete my Practitioner Diploma, finding the advanced techniques invaluable in my now established private practice. Throughout, I’ve been encouraged,supported and guided with excellent, well run courses, first class lecturers and caring supportive tutors. In turn, I’m now thoroughly enjoying, supervising and tutoring current LCCH students.”

Karen Rawlins, London

“I absolutely loved the course! It was exactly what I was looking for. It ties in perfectly with much of my own research into personal development.”

Roddy Galbraith

”When looking for a new career I chose clinical hypnotherapy with the LCCH because their courses are academically validated. I wanted the flexibility to work around the needs of my family. I also wanted to continue in a holistic, yet clinical field, as I am a Registered Nurse and have many years’ clinical experience. The course has involved much more work than any of us really appreciated, but that is because it is comprehensive in preparing us to be competent and ethical practitioners. The tutors have been attentive and supportive, especially when seeing our first clients, and continue to provide close supervision. It has been incredibly satisfying to receive ‘thank you’ cards from clients I have helped. It is the most effective ratification that I’m getting it right!”

Paula Walker, London

“As a person who has been treated for depression for 23 years, this course has given me numerous tools to deal with my own low self-esteem, confidence and the depression; and has made a huge difference to me personally. As a bonus, I feel well skilled to help others, as a therapist in the future.”

Debbie Yeatman

“The Certificate course has provided me with a comprehensive introduction to hypnotherapy. The balance between theoretical underpinning and practical experience has provided me with a sound foundation to develop my knowledge and skills further. The different lecturing styles of the tutors and diverse backgrounds of the delegates enabled consistently lively discussion and debate which made the sessions enjoyable and has helped me to establish my own position regarding the nature and appropriate practice of hypnosis. I look forward to continuing my studies.”

Tom Turner, Manchester

“This was the best course I have ever done. The lectures were consistently excellent and extremely enjoyable. I feel as if I have a far greater understanding of psychological problems and thus am no longer just applying techniques and hoping. The entire principles have already changed my entire approach to treating patients. I have applied what I have learned to myself and my patients. The effects have been profound and excellent. I enjoyed the environment and all the ‘ah ha’ moments.”

Andrew Moule

“Since joining the LCCH family my life has changed more than I ever thought possible. I came thinking hypnosis was a bit of fun and maybe an add on to my journey to become a councillor, however I quickly realised that becoming a hypnotherapist was a highly worthwhile career move and profitable to. I found the tutors both helpful and approachable and as I had no higher education experience they provided an environment that nurtured and built me up. I now have a very successful business and have helped many people from all walks of life to overcome their difficulties. I can only congratulate the LCCH for it’s high standards of education that have enabled me to run my practice in a professional and profitable manner. Many thanks.”

Penelope Pedley, Birmingham

“I have a clearer understanding of the model of psychological health. I have applied it in both my personal and professional life and I now live by these principles. My patients love it and are excited by these tools to tackle emotional disturbance. As a result I am getting more patients through word of mouth. It was an excellent course.”

Pamela Wilkie Dove

“I have recently completed the Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis in Manchester. The course has a very good and clear structure and first class lecturers that add to the overall excellent experience. I have really enjoyed it and I’m now looking forward to begin the next course.”

Karin Momberg, Manchester

“I chose the LCCH after a friend recommended them, I’m so pleased I did. The teachers were amazing. I loved doing the courses and completed all of the levels. Best of all I transitioned from being an accountant to having my own clinical practice which I love, helping people with relationships.”

Beth Sullivan, London

“Excellent course!!!. I‘ve never had so much fun learning something so valuable. A priceless tool that I can use in my life and to help others. I have applied it to myself and already noticed huge changes in my confidence.”

Andrea Littlefair

“I trained with the LCCH on all levels of training and I still believe they were the most enjoyable and effective training courses I have ever been on.”

“The REBT structure has given me greater confidence. It is an excellent diagnostic tool. I love the way it helps the client ‘hone in’ on specific threads of dysfunction and provides methods of unravelling them and creating a more functional / durable fabric of their lives. Therapy sessions are more fun. More laughter, more tears. Excellent! One of the best learning experiences of my life.”

Dr Swati Kashyap Sharma

The course was fantastic. The teaching and content of the course were excellent. I loved it.

The best part was the practical side and being able to hypnotise people – being able to help people in that state. I am now setting up my own clinical hypnotherapy practice.

Claudette Forster